Maybe you decided to give the winter months in the water a miss and with spring around the corner you may be thinking it's time to head back out on your paddleboard. Before you do, check out these tips and tricks from Wild Atlantic Surf Co as it is important to make sure you are safe and protected from the elements this season in the water.

Fixing Your Equipment

Your paddleboard gets a mighty workout each time you are on it and maybe it has some dings, cracks or chips that you have gained over time. These are easily repaired and if you are not confident enough to do this yourself, you can take your paddleboard to a local surf repair shop which will help prolong the life of your board.  Give your board a good clean if you haven’t done so for a while. When paddling in saltwater it is particularly important to rinse your board with fresh water as salt can corrode the material and weaken the seams of your board over time. Rinsing with fresh water will therefore prolong the life of your board.

Get Back In Shape For Paddle Boarding

If you have spent most of the winter hibernating from the bad weather, now is the time to get active. If you haven't stayed active over the winter, ease back in with some activities that will increase your fitness levels, improve your balance and strengthen your core.

A good paddleboard workout should help with balance, leg muscles for greater stability when on the board, and arm muscles for paddling. Wild Atlantic Surf Co recommends that you exercise barefoot as this allows you to train your feet and ankles.

It is important to be realistic when it comes to your first couple of sessions on the water. There will likely be some stiffness the first couple of times, and you do have to get your balance back and 'sea-legs' back.

What to wear for Paddle Boarding in The Spring

Water temperatures in the UK and Ireland can remain pretty cold all year round. If you do want to get out on your paddleboard before spring, you will need to make sure you are well prepared and with the right gear, you can continue to paddleboard during the winter as well as early spring months.

Make sure your clothing still fits and is in good shape. Nothing is worse than being ready to go paddling only to find out your favourite wetsuit needs replaced.

Here is a quick checklist of items you need:

  • A wetsuit
  • Waterproof jacket - windproof and breathable in case the weather changes
  • Changing Robe from Wild Atlantic Surf Co - Insulating fabric to stay warm and roomy enough to remove your wet clothing after your paddle

In spring and summer, there may be some better weather in comparison to autumn/winter but it is still better to be over-prepared. Weather, especially in the UK and Ireland, can turn into the most unexpected at times - we often see all 4 seasons in one day!

Safety On the Water In Spring

Consider The Changing Water Levels

Water levels usually are quite high in the spring, so double-check the levels where you plan to paddle. High water levels can be as dangerous as low water levels. Things that were not underwater during the previous season may be submerged now, causing a hazard.  Look out for floating logs otherwise known as “dead heads”, as they can be common in lakes just after the ice has melted, so be aware of these in advance.

Check the Forecast

During spring, the weather can change in an instant. You may head out with clear skies and no wind. But in a matter of hours, it can become cold and rainy with heavy winds. Before you head out, you should always consult the forecast.

Tell Others Where You Will Be

It is extremely important to be mindful that at this time of year you may be one of the few (if not the only) people on the water. Make sure you tell others exactly where you are going and at what time you are planning to be back. It is preferred to bring someone along with you. Stay close to the shore, don't paddle out far. Spring is not the time to try and push your limit or try to beat personal records.Are you ready for the paddleboarding season to start? 

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April 05, 2022 — Andrew Marsden