“Encouraging peoples adventurous spirit and keeping them outdoors longer whilst trying to minimise our impact on the planet"

Wild Atlantic Surf Co was established in November 2019 by husband & wife team Andrew & Jillian as an independent Irish surf & outdoor lifestyle brand.

Inspired by the wild yet unspoiled Wild Atlantic coastline, our mission is to encourage peoples adventurous spirit and keep them outdoors longer whilst trying to minimise our impact on the planet. We have tried to do this by designing long lasting, durable and functional products that won’t end up in landfill and from day one we have never used single use plastic in any of our packaging.

Our Wet & Dry Changing Robe or ‘Multi-purpose outdoor adventure cloak’, as it’s affectionately known by some of our followers was designed for simply getting changed under but has now become an essential piece of kit for every outdoor activity imaginable including marshmallows around the campfire! Also, from the outset we have always and continue to look to develop more sustainable & innovative products that are manufactured closer to home.

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Our brand is a celebration of the Irish spirit of adventure, and we aim to inspire others to explore and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Join us on our journey to embrace the outdoor lifestyle and make your next adventure unforgettable.