Meet our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are the heart and soul of our brand, embodying our values and mission every day. 

They are passionate individuals who bring their unique perspective and expertise to our community, inspiring and motivating others to live a life full of adventure and purpose.

Our ambassadors include big wave surfers one of whom is a surf coach, a strength & movement coach, junior surfers on their surfing journey and everyday people who share our love for the outdoors. They actively engage with our community, providing valuable insights and feedback that help us improve and grow. Our ambassadors are more than just representatives of our brand - they are part of our family, sharing their incredible experiences and stories with the world. Join our community and meet our ambassadors, who will inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Ollie O’Flaherty - Big Wave Surfer & Surf Coach

Joshua Karbus - U14 Irish Champion

Grace Doyle - Surfer & Teacher

Adam Amin - Big Wave Surfer

Killian Maher - Surfer & Marine Biology Student

Wildfoot - Strength & Movement Coach

Ali Bryans - Adventure Lover & Primary School Teacher

Ollie O'Flaherty

Ollie O’Flaherty is an incredible big wave surfer from Co. Clare. Starting when he was only 4 years old, Ollie spent years honing his skills at Crab Island. Surfing two of the heaviest waves on the planet at Riley’s and Aileens under the iconic Cliffs of Moher, he made the jump to Mullaghmore to start tow-in paddle surfing big waves around 2011. He has a natural ability to ride big waves right up to 50ft and throughout his life has competed at various international surfing contests.

Now, Ollie passes his skills onto the next generation through Ollie’s Surf Academy. “I love to share my love for surfing and see the stoke when people progress to the next level in their surfing!!”

Joshua Karbus

Joshua Karbus is a real wild child. He’s a surfer, skateboarder and free diver. He is fast, incredibly talented, and with such an easy confidence in tackling any wave, it’s hard to believe he’s only 12 years old. Living by the sea on the west coast of Ireland, Joshua and his family spend their time in the Atlantic ocean. Joshua’s father is a world recognised nature photographer and his mother is a pro baby swimming instructor. Their lives are arranged to maximise their time outdoors, so even in the winter time with cross shore winds and freezing cold water, they never miss a swell. It’s Joshua’s natural dedication and enthusiasm that inspires us everyday.

Grace Doyle

Grace Doyle is the current Irish Women's Champion hailing from Tramore in the South East of Ireland. She competes on the Irish Surf Team at International events and is a professional Maths and PE teacher and surf coach. She really enjoys training hard out of the water, losing herself in the adrenaline rush of bigger waves and sharing this freedom and positive lifestyle by influencing the next generation of surfers, especially the girls! Grace is just back from a trip round the world to the iconic surf locations like Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, Mexico,Morocco, Hawaii, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Maldives, and Japan.


Adam Amin is a professional big wave surfer originally from a small fishing/farming village in England. When he was 19 Adam moved to Hawaii to pursue his dream of becoming one of the worlds top big wave surfers and now living lives in Maui, Hawaii where he surfs the infamous Peahi (Jaws). In January 2021 when one of the largest swell in 5-7 years hit Maui, Adam was in the water surfing with some of the best big wave surfers in the world such as Kai Lenny, Nathan Florence and Billy Kemper. "Currently I work closely with awesome companies such as Wild Atlantic Surf Co to build a career in big wave surfing. I constantly want to innovate my equipment to better my surfing and very fortunate to work with great people around me to do so”.


Kilian Maher is 18 and was the 2019 under 16s Irish champion and the 2019 Celtic cup holder. As an active competitive surfer, Kilian is an easy competitor with killer confidence and an infectious positivity. Growing up in Waterford on the South East Coast of Ireland, Kilian has honed his skills on the beaches in and around Tramore as well as travelling all over Ireland to compete and push himself further.

Always up for trying something new, Kilian loves a wave with enough power to let him try out as many moves as possible. With his level of skill, he’s one to watch and a natural ambassador for us too.


Stephen Bell is otherwise known as Wildfoot. In a past life he was a pro rugby player and was part of the Ulster side that won the European Cup in 1999. His current life involves trees, coaching and throwing axes. Taking people on a journey from pain, back to their innate, natural state of movement, Wildfoot reconnects you to the wild via a healthy dose of adventure. Having recently walked the length of Ireland - around 1000km - barefoot, and being the sort of guy who does Jiu Jitsu and climbs trees to relax, he is a man who always, always, practices what he preaches.

Ali Bryans

Ali Bryans is a primary school teacher and an advocate of the ‘no shoes, no worries’ lifestyle. Often found with salty hair and a smile, she is an ocean lover, adventure lover and general life lover. As a casual paddle boarder and longboard lover, she is fond of smaller waves and the mellow style of longboarding.

Ali is also a Surfers Against Sewage Rep and volunteers with the Wave Project NI which uses surf therapy to help kids and young people with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Ali is always up for trying new things and exploring, especially when adventures are linked to nature. Generally wild and free, when she’s not in the sea, she’s dreaming of it, reading about it or painting it. Definitely a descendant of the mermaids.