Five Reasons Why This is The Best Changing Robe

Getting changed after any sports activity can often be a challenge. A lack of facilities, privacy and general dignity, can be uncomfortable and even off-putting for those trying something new. When surfing, sea swimming or participating in other water sports, most of the time you’re outside and temperatures can be chilling – especially with the wind coming off the Wild Atlantic. 

When it’s wet and windy, using a towel can be difficult. If there aren’t any changing facilities and you need to remove your wetsuit or swimsuit and feel yourself just getting colder and colder – then you need to try a changing robe. 

The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe provides you with space to change, room to dry off and the capacity to shelter from the wind – all with your dignity intact. Don’t let changing be the thing to stop you from doing what you love. 

Here are five reasons why The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe is the best!

Suitable for All Weather Conditions

You can use your Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe in any weather conditions. Even on a beautiful day filled with sunshine, this robe will allow you to keep the wind chill off while you make your way to the beach.

Keeps You Dry 

Whether you’re coming out of the water or you’re standing at the edge watching the waves, the water-resistant, windproof fabric of this robe will keep you warm and dry underneath. You can wear The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe even if you aren’t hitting the beach. Say you’re going for a walk, watching sport or even going camping with some friends and you hear that it might rain – bring your Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing robe to keep you dry. 


The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe features an easy-grab large zip which, when zipped closed, will allow you to change in complete privacy. The robe itself is oversized, so you will have plenty of room to move around inside when changing out of your wetsuit or swimsuit into dry clothes. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about a towel falling off or the zip flying open while you’re changing! 


You can use your Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe for any activity you get up to. You can use it to get changed at the beach or lake, you can use it to change out of muddy clothes before getting into your car or tent, you can stand outside and look at the stars for hours and you can sit around the campfire! Whilst we created this robe to provide a changing solution for surfers and sea swimmers, it really is perfect for all activities where you might want to change but there isn’t always privacy or simply just to keep you feeling snug and warm. 

Ultimate Comfort

The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe is like having space inside, outside. Its wide kimono sleeves allow you to tuck your arms into the body and move around with ease while you change in and out of your surfing gear or swimsuit. Finished getting changed? You can easily slip your arms back into the sleeves and you are ready to rock. The changing robe is oversized with a warm and cosy fat fleece lining to help dry your body and head whilst keeping you warm. You can sit, stand, dance and jump around in it and you’ll be warm and dry on the inside.

You are guaranteed to feel the benefits of The Wild Atlantic Wet & Dry Changing Robe, especially as a safe and private solution to outdoor changing

February 26, 2018 — Wild Atlantic Surf Co Admin