Top Tips For Surfing The Atlantic In Colder Seasons

The last few days have seen some glorious sunshine, but soon all traces of summer will be gone and colder conditions are just around the corner. 

You can still enjoy the Atlantic surf, even on the chillier days, but we have some tips that can make things a little better. 


1.Buy the best 


Spend as much as you can afford to get the best winter kit you can! You will need a winter suit, gloves, boots and a hood. Try to ensure that your wetsuit is dry when you get into it, taking good care of your wetsuit will help it take good care of you in the water. If you surf every day it might be a good idea to buy two suits, and then rotate them, so they get a chance to dry properly.


2. Warm up


We all know how easy it is to just look at the waves when you get to the beach. You are in your wetsuit, you grab your surfboard and sprint into the sea without even contemplating a warm-up. However, it is so important to warm up properly.


Surfing is an extremely intense full-body workout, so we must make sure all our muscles are ready for this to help prevent injury. Also, taking the time to do a good warm up will increase your body heat, as that heat will be trapped inside your suit. 


3. Save the snacks until afterwards


If you eat just before you go in the water there is a greater risk of getting cramps, and also your body will divert blood supply towards your core, leaving your extremities feeling colder. 

Sports dietitians say surfers can recover their bodies by selecting foods high in carbohydrates, protein and salt after surfing. Example foods would include brown rice, sweet potato, chicken, avocado and plenty of fruit and vegetables!


4. Keep moving 


If you paddle hard and catch lots of waves you will feel much warmer. If you sit around for too long you will quickly get cold.


5. Organise your kit 


The essential surfing equipment for beginners is comprised of a surfboard, fins, leash, wax, and wetsuit. That’s all you need to get into the sport of kings!

Having dry clothes sitting ready for you to come out is a good idea. You don’t want to be hunting for your undies while your teeth are chattering. But as you progress and improve your surfing skills, you’ll want more than just the essentials. A bag to protect your favorite stick, skin and ear protection and surf gadgets will also be useful to your surfing life.

We hope you enjoyed some of these tips – now go enjoy a surf in the winter sun!