Our Shaper


Shaper Matt Adams hails from Newquay in Cornwall and as a master shaper has overseen and shaped over 20 thousand boards in his 30 years plus as a surfboard shaper. Matt also supported the current UK surf team in their early development and progression to championship level and has shaped for rising stars on the world stage and QSL surfers such as Luke Dillon, Joshua Braddock, Finn Collins and Lucy Campbell.

His own mentoring with progressive shapers led him to develop an established line of over 15 boards in his general quiver, all performance related but adaptable for all surfers on their lifetime journey and progression. His enthusiasm to be part of and shape for Wild Atlantic was met with attention and detail to Irish waves and conditions. Each surfboard is a well thought out shape of how well they would adapt across the UK and European breaks and exploring those similarities in designs, proven and tested over time from beginners to pros.