nic von rupp ireland
Surfing at Ireland's Cliffs Of Moher.

Portugese pro surfer Nic Von Rupp is no stranger to surfing slabs in Ireland and has been know in the past to ditch Hawaiian surf trips last minute to chase swells in Sligo and Mullaghmore. His most recent edit 'Rail Road' showcases the Cliffs Of Moher with the travelling surfer reaching European surf breaks by train, accompanied at the Cliffs by a certain adopted Aussie Irishman Mick "O" Fanning.

Nic Von Rupp's feature film 'Rail Road' is directed by Gustavo Imigrante and sees Nic travelling across Europe on a slower pace it seems at least and time to enjoy the surrounds and take in a bit of the scenery via train routes to some of the remote but familiar breaks from Thurso to County Clare, Portugal to Scandinavia. The action between the romantic slow motion walking that we have become akin to in modern surf movies does not disappoint. It is beautifully shot and edited and the surf footage is incredible. A humble perspective you will be emerged in big wave surfing and with the lack of solid waves in late spring into early summer this year it gives a taste of what we are all familiar with here in Ireland, good waves and good vibes and respect that seems to have been forged somewhere in the past a long time ago.
“I grew up listening to elders talking about their journeys through Europe,” says Nic. “Journeys that took months. Journeys where you took time to bond. But I come from a generation where that culture was long lost. A generation where fast, low-cost airlines have taken over. People from my generation want to experience everything at once. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to be able to on the in the four corners of the world in less then a week, but you gotta be able to turn that fast-forward mode off as well in order to really embrace the places you go to. Trains do that to you. They dictate your tempo. They shape your path. You meet people you wouldn’t normally meet. You see places that roads wouldn’t lead you to. And you get to actually sit back and enjoy the scenery.”
The movie also features some familiar names on Ireland's surfing paths and outstanding clips of surfing from surfers Tom Lowe, Barry Mottershead, Dylan Stott, Russel Bierke, Conor Maguire and Peter Conroy.
August 16, 2019 — Andrew Marsden