The Benefits of Using Sand Free Beach Towels

We love the beach. We live for it. It’s our gateway to the untamed expanses that have shaped our ethos of finding your true self amidst natural surroundings and sea air.

But if there is one peeve we have, it’s all the sand that comes with it! Whether you’re an avid surfer, swimmer or someone who just likes to sunbathe at the beach when the weather is kind, you could confidently agree that it can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes.

What’s so bad about sand?

Now don’t get us wrong, there is nothing quite like that first step onto the beach with your bare foot and the feeling of those fine, golden granules between your toes. Even better if they’re cool and soothing. We never get tired of it.

The difficulty comes when we’re finished with our activities and it’s time to try and rinse ourselves of all the sand that has since found its way into every crevice, so that we’re finding as little of it as possible in the days to come (there’s always some that manages to evade detection).

A scenario we’ve all experienced is when we’re getting ready to go home and hurriedly using a standard cotton towel to try and dust ourselves off as much as possible to put our non-beach clothes back on and hit the road. Inevitably it still ends up with our skin left raw or sore after being scraped dry with a sand covered towel, and somehow it seems as if half of the beach has still found its way into our car, clothes and then every room of the house subsequently.

The simple way to stop sand being a problem

There is an innovative solution to this persistent pain we’ve all felt throughout our beach-going lives, especially if you’re someone who can’t get enough of the coastlines and savors every second out in the water.

We have developed a sand free beach towel that’s made to combat these lifelong, relatable issues. It’s been designed in Ireland by surfers, so you know it has the wild elements of this part of the world and its fierce shores in mind. If it can handle here, it can handle anywhere!

But what are the benefits of a sand free beach towel?

Our towels are microfibre, giving them several amazing characteristics which make them perfectly suited for the outdoors and those who relish the natural world. They have a soft texture that’s kind to the skin after it has battled land and sea, will remove sand and not retain any of it to transfer to and irritate other parts of your body.

You also won’t have to worry about that unpleasant smell of damp, used towels, as our sand free beach version has high-tech fabric that dries out in half the time of those you’re used to. Time is precious, particularly for dedicated, active people who might be trying to squeeze in a quick session in the water and a fast-drying towel will make a small difference to what gets done in a day. Of course, this means it can be re-used multiple times as well before needing to be machine washed, saving on energy.

And, while other basic beach towels aren’t famed for being compact (quite the opposite actually), the Wild Atlantic Sand Free Beach Towel comes extra large in size but still rolls up to fit into a tiny bag. Perfectly portable which is ideal for easy access after a plunge in the ocean. The material is durable too so it will become an integral part of your kit for years’ worth of adventures.

A one off investment that will make your trips to the beach more smooth in multiple ways, isn’t it time that you purchased a sand free beach towel and saved yourself from all of the annoyance from now on?

August 14, 2019 — Wild Atlantic Surf Co Admin