The Rapid Rise Of Gearoid McDaid – Episode 2 – The Grind

The competitive grind isn't for everyone. The long days, heats in tough conditions, the yield sometimes not worth the reward. For the only Irishman competing on the QS, it's a way of life and training in a variety of conditions is the only way to push personal progression.

This is a three part deep-dive in to Gearoid McDaid’s story directed, filmed and edited by Clem McInerney. Gearoid’s roots in performance surfing, competing in the global arena and stepping it up in heaving Irish waters feature throughout the series. If you don’t know, Gman’s up there with some of the best barrel riders in the world but he also has a name that is widely (and wildly) misinterpreted.

He’s the man with a thousand names, Geer-oid, Geeeroud, G, Garyd.. we’ve heard it all. The trick? Think Garage and you’re almost there – but we’ll let Gman explain that in the video above. This is episode 2 of our dive into the life of Gearoid McDaid. Last episode, we learned how to properly pronounce his name, as well as an intro, of sorts, to the power and finesse the Irishman has under his belt. In this episode, it’s all about the grind, the day-to-day, the waiting in a warm car for heats to run while outside is sub zero. A glimpse into life on the road and just what it takes to try to make it big. But Gman’s more than just a competitive surfer. During his down-time, you’ll find him under the hood of some of Ireland’s more…hefty slabs. Conditions that are tough to replicate on the world stage.

Filmed & Edited – ClemMcInerney

Voice over – Sean Casey

Interviews – Richie Fitzgerald and Noah Lane

Produced by – Jason Lock and Jim Houghton Sligo Physical Therapy Setanta Collage- Luke Jordan and William Hughes

Special thanks to the Bundoran Board Riders Music – Bovi Music Operatic_3

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