The Rapid Rise Of Gearoid McDaid – Episode 3 – The Future

A slight shift in focus can feed the soul, especially when that new trajectory leads to surfing some of the heaviest waves in the northern hemisphere. We know Gearoid McDaid's got that competitive streak in him, see here. But the Irishman also has this innate desire to throw himself over (and under) thick-lipped mounds of emerald-coloured water.


This is a three part deep-dive in to Gearoid McDaid’s story directed, filmed and edited by Clem McInerney. Gearoid’s roots in performance surfing, competing in the global arena and stepping it up in heaving Irish waters feature throughout the series. If you don’t know, Gman’s up there with some of the best barrel riders in the world but he also has a name that is widely (and wildly) misinterpreted.

He’s the man with a thousand names, Geer-oid, Geeeroud, G, Garyd.. we’ve heard it all. The trick? Think Garage and you’re almost there – but we’ll let Gman explain that in the video above. This is episode 3 of our dive into the life of Gearoid McDaid. When you’ve been brought up amongst some of the most lauded big wave hellmen around, it’s only a matter of time until that crew talk you into sending it at iconic Irish slabs. For Gman, this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a transition into the heavier wave realm that’s been on the cards for the past few years. Recently, he’s been putting the training, local knowledge, and pure grit to the test in some of the gnarliest conditions around. This is the future for Gman – and it’s all laid out in the cut above. Enjoy.

Directed, Filmed & Edited – ClemMcInerney

Voice over – Sean Casey

Interviews – Richie Fitzgerald, Shane Meehan, Noah Lane, Conor Maguire

Produced by – Jason Lock and Jim Houghton

Special thanks to Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club Music Memory rain ‘Mister Impossible’ – Phantogram

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