Our story

Wild Atlantic was established with the aim of helping people all over the world find their feel good by bringing the natural world closer. We do this by creating truly innovative design-led products that inspire, encourage and
enhance the adventurous spirit of the Wild Atlantic.

we want to help people

For Wild Atlantic, a good product is one that is designed so well that it helps people feel confident to step outside their comfort zone and into the ocean. For those of us who have already embraced the Wild Atlantic lifestyle - we’re #luckybaskers and we know it..

We go against the current

At Wild Atlantic, we never coast. We take risks with new designs and new attitudes. We value originality and innovation, because we believe these qualities will help us to swim faster and catch the breaks that are right for us.

We have natural respect

The Atlantic Ocean unites different countries, cultures and people. Those lucky enough to live around and near it, respect the water. So we at Wild Atlantic do our best to protect it by choosing low impact fabrics, designing long lasting, durable products that won’t end up in landfill, manufacturing as close to home as possible and making sure that everyone in our supply chain is properly rewarded.