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10ft Premium ‘Leash for Life’ Paddleboard Coiled Ankle Leash

The only leash you will ever need

Patented Technology
Designed for flat water
Cord: 10’ x 9/32” (3.0m x 7mm)

The cuff of our leash is made by USEL in Belfast who are a social enterprise helping people with disabilities or health conditions gain employment.
  • Designed made & assembled in Ireland
  • Patented high strength connections
  • The only leash you will ever need with replaceable component parts
  • Deluxe cuff designed for ultra-comfort & anti-slip
  • Cuff includes bio-based foam made with sea shells
  • 100% neoprene free
  • Highest marine grade stainless steel bearings
  • Premium Velcro system
  • Maximum strength, flexibility & durability
International Patent W02019/038299
Patent No. GB2565847

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  • Deluxe cuff designed for ultra-comfort & anti-slip

  • Patented high strength connections

  • Highest marine grade stainless steel bearings

  • Ollie O’Flaherty Big Wave Surfer Ireland Environmental Sustainability Tutor

  • Adam Amin Big Wave Surfer Ireland & Hawaii

  • Grace Doyle Womens Irish National Surfing Champion 2023

  • Surf Team Big Wave Surf Team based in Nazare, Portugal

  • Paul Byrne ASI Master SUP Trainer Owner of Irish Sup Dublin

Patented high strength connections

Introducing our state-of-the-art surf leash, designed to offer unparalleled security and performance in the water. What sets our leash apart from others on the market is its patented high-strength connections. These aren't your average connectors; they are meticulously engineered for exceptional resilience and durability.

Highest marine grade stainless steel bearings

Introducing a product that rises above the rest in durability and performance—thanks to our incorporation of the highest marine-grade stainless steel bearings available on the market.

Maximum strength, flexibility & durability

Presenting a product that epitomises the trifecta of performance capabilities: maximum strength, unparalleled flexibility, and unbeatable durability. This is the ultimate solution for those who demand nothing but the best.

Why we made this

Most surf leashes are made in China and the Far East and we wanted to design a premium product in Ireland which has sustainability and origination at its core and which would perform as well as any of the top surf leash brands on the market. For more than 4 years we have been working on this project the culmination of which is our Patented ‘Leash for Life’ Surf Series of leashes which are designed made & assembled in Ireland and which are 100% neoprene free.